• Little knowledge of pet food

    Little knowledge of pet food

    Ingredients of pet food There are many varieties on the market now, each of which has its own “secret recipe”. Don’t ignore the packaging bag. You can provide us with a lot of useful information on the packaging bag. You must first look at the specific ingredients on the packagi...
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  • Do you know the difference between these two kinds of jerky?

    Do you know the difference between these two kinds of jerky?

    With the advancement of technology, the pet industry also develops. In recent years, more and more diverse pet snacks have occupied the market, making pet owners confused. Among them, the two "most alike" ones are dried snacks and ...
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  • Little knowledge of pet rations

    Little knowledge of pet rations

    Nowadays, more and more people choose to keep a pet as a companion. Pets have also become a spiritual sustenance from a nursing home at the beginning. They play a very important role in people’s daily life and become a family membe...
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  • 6 new dog foods, please treat Champion Petfoods products

    Edmonton, Canada-Champion Petfoods, Inc. launched six new dog products during a digital visit to the Global Pet Expo in March, including wet food formulas designed for the recently adopted rescue dog Dry foods, freeze-dried foods, cereal-containing formulas and high-protein biscuits are sold unde...
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  • Walmart’s cat food sold in 8 states has been recalled due to salmonella risk

    Manufacturer JM Smucker announced in a notice issued by the Food and Drug Administration that Wal-Mart’s Miaomiao brand cat food sold in eight states has been recalled because it may have been contaminated with Salmonella. The recall involves two batches of 30-pound Meow Mix Original Choice dry c...
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  • How to choose the right dog snack

    How to choose the right dog snack

    To raise a dog is to love the dog and be kind to the dog. Because raising a dog is about cultivating our love, and the dog is most loyal to you at home, so people naturally want to give back the loyalty of the dog. What you need to pay attention to when raising a dog is the problem of dog food. T...
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  • Pet Food News

    On the 3rd of 2021, the foreign trade sales manager of our company visited the pet supermarket of the German customer at the invitation of the German customer. In the customer’s supermarket, there are all kinds of pet snacks produced by our luscious. For the cat snacks and dog snacks produc...
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  • How to choose the best dog food

    Most people feed their dogs dry food or canned wet food. These processed foods may not be attractive to us, but they contain all the nutrients a dog needs to stay healthy. High quality commercial dog food is strictly regulated and tested by veterinary experts. Dogs, unlike cats, are not strictly...
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  • Luscious Group Won Success in the 28th Shandong Livestock Exposition

    On November 2, 2013, hosted by Shandong Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Animal Husbandry Association, associated by five provinces and one city in East China and Shandong Province Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau in each city, Shandong Livestock Exposition 28th was held in Jinan Internationa...
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  • Luscious Won the “2014 China Meat Industry Strong Enterprises”

    June 14, 2014 to 16, Group General Manager Dong Qinghai was invited to attend “2014 World Meat Organization 20th World Meat Congress” hosted by the World Meat Organization and China Meat Association. The conference was held in Beijing on June 14, the government delegations from 32 cou...
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  • Luscious Pet Food was Rated the Top Ten

    Luscious Pet Food was Rated the Top Ten

    “Luscious Pet Food” brand was awarded the top ten industries certificate by China etiquette Leisure Products Industry Association. This honor marked the innovation capacity, the production quality standard system and the enterprise credibility of “Luscious Pet Food”, own b...
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  • Luscious Share formally established

    Luscious Share formally established

    As a pet treats manufacturer with the largest international customer resources, the first listed company in the capital market and the largest pet food R & D Center in China,Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co., Ltd. has developed to be the leader of pet food industry. After the company’s capital o...
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